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We are Natuur & Milieu

landschap met windmolens en trein
Our mission

We work together to stop climate change and restore our nature

50 years
impact & experience
140.000 +
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We are Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment), the environmental organisation that provides solutions to the climate and nature problems in the Netherlands. We bring about changes in every corner of our society: in government policy, in the commercial sector and in people's behaviour. We join forces with many involved partners in order to achieve this. In this way, our organisation fulfils the driving and connecting role that is desperately needed to achieve real change.

Our strategy

We let the facts speak for themselves, speed up solutions and achieve more by working together

Influencing policy

We are convinced the biggest change has to come from legislation and regulation. We put pressure on the national government, the Lower and Upper Houses of the Dutch Parliament and sometimes at a local or European level. We convince policymakers and politicians to adopt sustainable measures and to prohibit, limit or price pollution. We influence policy through personal conversations or campaigns aimed at policymakers and politicians. With our studies and opinion articles we disseminate our fact based views through the media as well.

Public campaigns

We encourage people to make more sustainable choices in their daily lives. From travelling and eating, to living and taking care of their belongings. In our public campaigns, we enthuse people to take small but impactful steps towards a better future. For example, we reinvented how, where, and when we work (hybrid working), and made ‘flexitarian’ (being a part-time vegetarian) the new normal. Is it up to the policymakers to accomplish change? In that case we ask for your support for our actions aimed at better legislation and regulation.

plantjes voor de actie 'graag doorpakken zoals geplant'
Partnerships with companies

As a true connector, we work together with various companies and organisations on sustainable solutions. We share knowledge with each other or make policy proposals. We also negotiate with organisations and important companies for changes in our society. As an environmental organisation, the benefits for the climate and nature always come first. Finally, together with companies, we also work on public campaigns and campaigns to encourage employers to work more sustainably.


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Our impact

A recap of 2022

In this impact report, you can find more detailed information about our collaborations, campaigns, projects, and their impact.

Read the report


Our partners